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Hair replacement

Remember the feeling of running your fingers through your hair?
Or…even better…when someone else ran his or her fingers through your hair? Of all the solutions that exist on the market today, only HAIR SOLUTION By Rodolphe can help you relive those moments.

Our unique nonsurgical hair replacement system offers a solution for men, women and children suffering from any type of hair loss, even total hair loss.
Wash your hair daily and take part in any activity you wish: swimming, riding a motorcycle… everything becomes possible once again!

Don´t make the mistake many people make of signing a binding contract with an organisation, paying a price that is much too high, and ending up with a wig or a hair piece that you can spot from 100 metres away.
You deserve a solution that is not only comfortable, but undetectable and affordable as well.

You can trust us when we tell you that hair replacement is the domain of experts. Contact us today for a free consultation without obligation..

Hair replacement… tested by Rodolphe

CI have been in the hairdressing business for over 20 years now—15 of which working under my own name—and during that time, I have researched and studied the advanced techniques that offer nonsurgical hair replacement in great detail.

In 2008, I found the solution I was looking for. In Brazil, I created a partnership with an organisation dedicated to research and testing. During an entire year, I conducted tests on myself. At the end of the year, we launched. HAIR SOLUTIONS By Rodolphe: a hair loss solution that is undetectable, comfortable and very accessible.


Nothing can replace personal experience

« During the 20 years that I have worked as a hairdresser—15 years working under my own name—I have always strived to find a reliable hair loss solution that is lasting and accessible. Because I myself suffer from alopecia, I needed to find THE technique that would give me a natural look and permit me to continue my activities—professional as well as private—without constraints.

I first came across this breakthrough technique in Brazil in 2008. There, I partnered with a local research and development laboratory and together, we executed a great number of tests over a period of one year. During that year, I was also able to test the nonsurgical hair replacement technique on myself.

After a long year of testing, of doubts, but above all: of great successes, we developed Hair Tech System, a revolutionary technique that is comfortable, accessible and undetectable. A unique system that will allow you, as it did me, to once again have a full head of hair. »

Don´t wait any longer! Make an appointment for a meeting today. Instead of boring you with long theoretical discourses, I will show you the true result of the Hair Tech System hair replacement.

Rodolphe. Hair System Designer.

Testimonies of people using Hair Solutions by Rodolphe

Giacomo P.

Rodolphe´s service is unmatched in Brussels. I have had a« hair tech system »for the last 8 months and the effect is surprisingly natural. I can assure you that nobody can tell the difference! I visit Rodolphe every three weeks and between visits, I wash my hair every 2 days. Believe me, the hair system can change your life!


Six years ago, I had a micrografting operation. I had heard of a good surgeon in Brussels who did implants. I was satisfied with the result in the area that was operated on, but I continued to lose hairs in other areas. The result was that I needed another (very painful and expensive) session.

Around that time, Rodolphe spoke to me about his new “system”. I had known him without any hair, so I was intrigued.

Rodolphe was able to recreate my hairstyle so it looked exactly like it did before I started losing my hair. The result is amazing, it´s really impressive: without surgery and a lot less expensive. Thanks again for your professionalism Rodolphe!

Vanessa V.

I am a woman of 36 and as a result of Alopecia Totalis, I have progressively lost all of my hair. I had already tried so-called undetectable wigs that I found on the Internet when I heard about Rodolphe and his new nonsurgical technique.

I have tried his “system” for a year now and I am truly satisfied. Even from up close, my friends don´t notice that it is not my real hair. I really recommend this service to all women who suffer alopecia!

Dominique F.

Incredible technique, excellent service and true professionalism. Re-growing your hair is possible after all!